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Welcome to Bob Woolmer Sales’ blog.

We are new to the wonderful world of Social Media & I (Katie) have been asked to embark on a journey with Twitter & Facebook as well as starting this blog! (help!!)

As a company we like to engage in a personal relationship with the schools we supply & because of this we employ Area Reps to give our company a friendly face in the big wide world. I plan to introduce our Reps in a future blog to help you (if you are new to our company) find your best contact should you wish to get in touch.

Having embraced Twitter & Facebook quite recently we hope that this will also become an easy way for you (the lovely public) to contact us.

I do, however, digress as I would like to make our first post a delve into our history to give you an idea of our background & where we have come from.
(Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin….)


31 years ago in 1982 Bob Woolmer owned a sports shop in Tonbridge High Street. He asked a (very) young James Wattenbach to help him run the shop.
Bob & James travelled the country together with a car full of cricket stock selling to whichever cricket club would entertain them. The shop thrived with this savvy duo & another side to the business was discovered: selling to local schools.
This side was nurtured & the shop continued until 1988 when Bob decided to sell up & move to South Africa with his family. Bob Woolmer Sports was then bought by a local retail group Sportique.
It was at this point that James started his breakaway company allowing him to grow the schools business that had started to develop & here Bob Woolmer Sales (as you know it) was ‘born’.


Bob Woolmer Sales has had many ‘homes’ in it’s time but we have always been based in & around Tonbridge.
We are now lucky enough to have our office & warehouse on a farm in Hadlow. Here we enjoy the view across an ever changing neighbouring field, observing the unpredictable British weather & the odd sheep!


The observant among you will have deduced that it is our 25th anniversary this year & indeed it is. Thankfully Bob Woolmer Sales is still going strong & growing from year to year.

Over the years we have evolved our stock to supply not just those requiring cricket equipment but to include all sports. We also have a large range of clothing that we can supply including personalisation.

We hope to post regularly on this blog with at least one new post a week keeping you up to date with the company, it’s staff & any special offers we may be running. We also hope to receive feedback on our posts & if there is anything you would like us to cover please let us know.

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    […] mentioned in my first post that I planned to introduce our Reps in order to help you find your best contact should you wish to […]

    […] Welcome! (bobwoolmersales.wordpress.com) […]

    […] Welcome! (bobwoolmersales.wordpress.com) […]

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