Murray Walker: Legend

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At the beginning of this week it was reported that legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker has been diagnosed with cancer.

He was holidaying in Germany when he fell and fractured his pelvis. This fall led to a series of blood tests which informed doctors of his cancer.

Murray says:

“They’ve caught it incredibly early. It’s treatable, the doctors say my condition is mild & I’m very hopeful.”

Murray is due to start his programme of chemotherapy in the next few months & it’s said he has cancelled plans to go to the British Grand Prix at the end of this month.

“I was looking forward to going to Silverstone, but I have really got to concentrate on getting the chemicals inside me, getting over it & getting back into form as quick as I can.”

Many will remember his energetic commentary which almost eclipsed each race!
My favourite memory is how he started each race with a lively “GO, GO, GO!”
(My husband, 2yr old son & I like to re-enact this for ourselves when watching F1.)

I hope that having caught the disease early & the fact that Murray has so much energy for an 89yr old means he succeeds in his fight against cancer & continues to enlighten our lives with his love for F1 & all involved.KH Signature 2cm


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