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As the British weather continues to be indecisive about actually allowing us a summer        Wimbledon is about to begin.
As we all know this may very well be what prompts our next down pour but fingers crossed for sunshine!!

My knowledge of tennis is limited but it has always been a sport that has seeped its way into my sub-conscience as my parents would often have it on in the background during the summer. I still find the “thwack” of ball against racket a comforting summer sound.

Wimbledon’s beginnings….

1868: The All England Club is formed calling itself “The All England Croquet Club”.
1877: The club was renamed “The All England Croquet & Lawn Tennis Club” launching the first Lawn Tennis Championship to celebrate its change of name. “Gentlemen’s” Singles was the only event held.
1884: Women’s Singles & Men’s Doubles were added to the Championship.
1913: Ladies Doubles & Mixed Doubles were added.
1937: First televised.
(Dates taken from wikipedia)

This year….

Defending champion Roger Federer is facing a possible record-breaking eighth Wimbledon win.
Serena Williams is looking to win the women’s singles title for the sixth time.
Venus Williams on the other hand has been forced to miss this years Wimbledon due to a back injury.

For Andy Murray the pressure is on. Not only will he have the eyes of every Englishman & woman urging him on but “Sport England has warned the Lawn Tennis Association it faces a      critical summer that will dictate whether or not it is stripped of valuable funding.” (BBC Sport)
Murray seems in good spirits, however, having just won his third Queen’s title. Speaking about his charity doubles match (after winning said title) with Tim Henman against Ivan Lendl & Tomas Berdyc for Rally Against Cancer he said:

“If I’m playing well enough to hit Ivan Lendl with a forehand for the first time ever, I reckon I’m in pretty good shape for Wimbledon.” (BBC Sport)

So we’ll wait with bated breathe to see if Murray succeeds this year & keep our fingers crossed for some decent tennis weather!


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