Employee Spotlight: Clare Collins

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Here is the second of our Employee Spotlights……..

Clare Polaroid-Bent Flattened

Clare Collins started working for Bob Woolmer Sales in 2004. She suffered a minor “career-crisis” (her own words) in August 2010 & left to join the Police. After realising that fake nails & fake tan are not appropriate for a “copper” (again her own words!) she came back.
Clare is our Rep for the South & South West.

How did you come to work at BWS? James had a meeting at Hurst Prep. with my mum & he mentioned he was looking for a Rep to cover the South Coast. And here I am 🙂

How would you describe yourself? Hmmmmmm, others would describe me as always happy & smiling – I can assure you this isn’t always the case. I like a good strop especially when I don’t get my own way!!
Sometimes I can be a bit ditsy. In fact I have been asked many a time by my parents if I have cotton wool between my ears.
I’d say I am a sociable, friendly person, always up for a giggle. I don’t like mess, dirt or mud.

What hobbies/interests do you have outside of BWS? I am a keen runner & a member of my local running club. I also play for a netball team in a local league.
I love steak night at Whetherspoons, I’m a cheap date!
I hate the cinema because I can’t sit still for long enough.

You spend a lot of time in your car when you are on the road, what music/radio station do you like to listen to? Good question! It all depends where I am.
Most of the time I listen to Heart, however, when 12pm strikes there is nothing better than Jeremy Vine’s sweet music & news on Radio 2. He is an absolute legend!
Sometimes I find myself getting really involved in the arguments & I have to chill out!!
I occasionally get a message from Adam which simply says “Radio 1, tune”. It’s normally some dance track from the early 90’s. I think he forgets that I was about 7 then not 17!!

What is your favourite sport to play? I do like a good game of netball but nothing beats a nice long run through the countryside on a crisp sunny Sunday morning. Not so keen in the rain!!

Have you ever won anything? If so what was it? When I was 7 I won a bouncy castle for the day because I did a really good drawing.
I have held back on winning much throughout my life as I am due a big lotto win shortly.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Other than some sportsmen/women I have never met anyone famous! I once saw Sonia from Eastenders in a shoe shop in Brighton. Does that count?!

And finally, share a little known fact about yourself: I once got a sugar puff stuck up my nose!

Clare Polaroids Flattened Small

Hopefully you now feel you know Clare a little better (I’m concerned she doesn’t give an age for when the sugar puff got stuck up her nose. I’d like to think this means it actually happened last week!!).
If you are in the South/South West & want to speak to a Rep she is your girl.

Should you wish to speak to her she can be contacted in our Sales Office 01732 852520. Directly on her mobile 07702273684 or email clare@woolmersales.co.uk
Alternatively, use the feedback form below.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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