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Cricket Coaching Flyer With the buzz of cricket in the air with the Ashes (& finally some better weather!) we thought we would highlight some of our cricket coaching products. Especially as two of them are NEW to our range.

CC Freestyle High Res 1. The first of our NEW products is the Freestyle Crazy Catch.

  • Two sided hand held rebound net.
  • Perfect for reaction training & skill development in ALL sports.
  • Great for all ages.
  • Durable with super strong patented net technology.
  • 52cm x 52cm.
  • Product code: CRK617 £29.95 each
  • More from the Crazy Catch range is available on our website

Catching Practice Bat & Rubber 2. Coaching Fielding Bat.

  • Ideal for coaching catching practice.
  • Includes coaching bat & a thick, self adhesive foam rubber facing.
  • Rubber ads an extreme rebound to enhance ball hitting.
  • Product code: CRK635 £21.95
  • Is available as just the bat or just the rubber. Visit our website for details

3. We’re quite excited about our second NEW product, the Sidearm Pro & Club. Side Arms

  • The Pro (white) require a slightly stronger throwing arm than the Club, but once mastered can produce deliveries that can test & challenge the very best of batters.
  • The Club (yellow) is designed to allow colt, village & club cricketers the best practice available. Easy to use & can be mastered by most cricketers within 5-10 minutes.
  • Product codes: CRK043 PRO £19.95 • CRK042 CLUB £18.95

“As used by Graham Gooch the Sidearm™ is the most important improvement to batting practice in a generation. Pace, bounce, swing & seam can easily be generated from the full length of the pitch. One person can throw to another for hours on end!”

All these products can be found on our website. Should you have any queries please do contact our Sales Office 01732 852520 Or alternatively should you wish to speak directly to your rep please find their details on our contacts page.


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