Employee Spotlight: Katie Hill

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As I have now worked my way through introducing our Reps I am moving onto the rest of our wonderful staff. (Starting with me!)

Katie Polaroid-Bent

Katie Hill has been with Bob Woolmer Sales for (almost) 9 years.
She has held multiple roles since joining, including Sales Administrator, Office Manager, Catalogue Designer, Bob Woolmer Sales’ Photographer & Social Media Manager.

How did you come to work at BWS?  I saw an advert for Maternity Cover, I had just left college & needed a job so I applied. (I currently hold the longest running Maternity Cover in history!)

How would you describe yourself? Creative, sarcastic & cheeky. (I think many people I know would add determined to that list as well!)

What hobbies/interests do you have outside of BWS? I enjoy spending time with my family, knitting, baking & writing my own blog. (purplekatie.wordpress.com)

Who would you choose to be your mentor if you could? It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about. (I’m quite independent to a fault!)
I’d love it to be someone ridiculously intelligent, involved in a highly debated topic like science & religion, who has a massive IQ & tonnes of respect from their peers but I think I’d probably end up saying someone like Miranda because she’s hilarious & isn’t hung up on her faults.
(Oh to be less serious & stressed out about life!)

Do you have a sporting hero & if so who is it? My sporting hero used to be Ryan Giggs, I loved the way he kept his personal life private, he wasn’t flashy, he saw playing football as his job & behaved professionally. Unfortunately all that was undone for me when his personal life over shadowed his sporting achievements & I realised he’s just like every other footballer.
However, I am glad to hear that he is doing his coaching training as I believe he has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to the younger generation coming through.

What is your favourite sport to play? I love to play Cricket though I’ve never been taught how to play properly (one of the restrictions of being a girl). I also love to play Football & Hockey, though I haven’t for a long time. 

What is your favourite sport to watch? I love to watch the F1 & Cricket. I really got into the IPL this year as my son (who is 2) was glued to it shouting “OUT”, “4” & “6” where appropriate. (And where not!)

Have you ever won anything? If so what was it? I’ve never won anything sporty, but I did win tickets to see Ross Noble once! 🙂

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? I walked next to Ronan Keating in London once. (If that counts!) I met Louise Jameson when I auditioned & took part in a performance she was directing at my school.

And finally, share a little known fact about yourself: I’ve always had a fascination with dry stone walls! (Oh the life I lead!!)

Hopefully you now feel you know me a little better. (Though I’d like to think my personality shines through my blog posts!)

Katie Polaroids Flattened


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