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I am a huge fan of the Grand Prix & was shocked to see what happened on Sunday (5th Oct) involving Bianchi.

He has suffered a “diffuse axonal injury” & his condition is being described as “critical but stable”.
The good in this is that he is stable but after seeing footage of his crash released yesterday (7th Oct) I was left in complete amazement that he survived at all!

This freak accident has left the Formula One world in a state of shock as they travel to Russia for the next race this Sunday (12th Oct).

Race Director Charlie Whiting has been asked by the FIA to submit a report on last weeks race which included extraordinary weather conditions which lead to a re-start as well as Bianchi’s crash.

Many are now criticising the way the race was conducted saying that the Safety Car should have been released for Sutil’s crash which would have slowed the cars down & may have avoided Bianchi’s crash.
Others, however, believe that this would not have made any difference as double yellow flags were already being waved which informed the drivers to slow down in that area anyway.

David Warwick a former F1 driver has been quoted as urging the FIA to avoid a “knee jerk reaction” to this situation.
Rumours have flown about that they are looking into closed cockpits, a move they rejected last year.
As much as I am astounded at what has happened to Bianchi it definitely seems to have been an unavoidable accident rather than the fault of anyone involved in the race. Because of this I believe everyone needs to calm down, assess the situation & look more closely into what actually happened before making any decisions.
After all no one has died in F1 racing for 20 years which means we have to conclude that it is an awful lot safer than it used to be.

At the end of the day our thoughts are of course with Bianchi & his family.
What they are going through is a living hell & will cast a dark shadow over the remainder of the F1 season.

All we can do now is hope for the best.



19th November | Jules’ parents have released a statement saying that he is no longer in an artificial coma & is able to breathe unaided.
Jules will now be flown to intensive care in Nice.

They say he is still in a critical condition & remains unconscious.

Image taken from www.jadorelespotins.com

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