Kevin Pietersen’s Book – Truth or Publicity Stunt?

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Depending on who you speak to about Kevin Pietersen’s autobiography you may think it is the absolute truth or a pack of lies.

Since it’s release several people have responded to his claims & I’m still none the wiser as to what is the truth!

According to Pietersen Matt Prior was a disruptive influence on the team & ex-coach Andy Flower “ruled with fear”.

He claims he was “marginalised & demonised” but England cricketing chief  Paul Downton says there has never been a formal complaint of bullying within the team.
Former England national selector Geoff Miller (2008-2013) backs up Downton saying “To the best of my knowledge there was no atmosphere of bullying within the England set-up. What we tried to do as a selection unit was pick the best squad to create the best atmosphere to win matches.”

Pietersen’s claims:

ANDY FLOWER: “He built a regime, he didn’t build a team. I’ve told him this before. I told him during his coaching reign.”
Pietersen says that Flower & other senior players ran “a bullying culture” in the England dressing room, making players apologise if they made mistakes such as dropping a catch.

MATT PRIOR: “He’s back-stabbing, he’s horrendous, he’s bad for the environment.”

JIMMY ANDERSON & STUART BROAD: “The bowlers were given so much power. But these guys ran the dressing room.”

Why say this now?

Pietersen was told her was no longer part of the England team after their 5-0 defeat in Australia.
His central contract was terminated, this included a confidentiality agreement which covered all parties.
This agreement expired at the end of September.


JIMMY ANDERSON:  “The issues that have been brought up are sad really.” “This is not an ideal situation but it’s different with Kev. He never got a chance to stand up for himself in the dressing room because the opportunity to be in the dressing room was taken away from him by the powers that be. He is now venting frustration through a book.”

MATTHEW HOGGARD: “I think he is getting a lot of his anger out & it’s a fantastic way of selling books before Christmas.”

PAUL COLLINGWOOD: “I don’t really understand all of this to be honest……the last 7 years has been fantastic for English cricket……This is one man’s opinion against everyone else’s. This was one of the most successful teams in English history…..If you think the England dressing room was as divided as he says, there’s no f***ing chance we’d have won any of those things, let me tell you.”

ANDREW STRAUSS: Strauss has defended the England cricket team culture as well as Matt Prior & Andy Flower.

CHRIS TREMLETT via Twitter: “Glad @KP24 has finally been able to give his side of the story. People can now make an informed opinion of what went on in the dressing room.”

GEOFFREY BOYCOTT: Boycott sympathises with Pietersen, speaking of him & Flower he says “That’s a recipe for disaster, isn’t it? I’m not surprised it spilled over & eventually he’s having hos say, because I feel there was so much ill-feeling from that moment Kevin was sacked as captain & Flower was promoted from assistant coach to coach.”

Whether Pietersen is telling the truth or not it sounds like he’s going to be selling a lot of books this Christmas!



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