Going Swimmingly?

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Learning to swim

The Amateur Swimming Association has released a report stating that more than 1,000 primary schools in England do not offer swimming lessons even though it is a skill included in the national curriculum. This has left almost half of primary school children in England unable to swim a length unaided.

To change this the ASA are asking primary schools to sign up to their new School Swimming Charter which offers support to provide a better swimming timetable for children across the country.

“Swimming isn’t just a leisure activity or a way for young people to keep healthy, it’s a life-saving skill that every child has the right to learn.”

– Ashley Beaveridge Acting Chief Executive of ASA

I am inclined to agree with Ashley Beaveridge who went on to say that she had seen through their research that swimming at school was “often the only opportunity many children have to learn to swim.”
Because of this & the fact that it really is a life saving skill I believe that Primary schools not offering enough swimming lessons should be given support to raise the swimming skills of those children they teach.

The Department for Education agree “which is why it is complusory in the national curriculum for primary-age pupils [who] by the age of 11….should be able to swim at least 25m unaided.”

ASA are also asking the government  to insist that Oftsed change their assessment of swimming lessons to be more strict on the standards allowed.

I agree with ASA, Ofsted should shout if this area is not covered well enough by a school. I also think that parents should take more responsibility in this area & look at investing in private lessons if they are able to. With a combination of parents investing in their children & schools upping their game the children of England will become safer & healthier.



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