It’s World Toilet Day!

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World Toilet Day Logo

I was perusing & noticed an article about World Toilet Day.
Intrigued I clicked on the link & saw that it compared people’s toilets from around the world.
As I looked through the images it struck me how much we in the western world take our conveniences for granted.

This would make a great project for children in school to learn about proper hygiene & raise awareness that what they have is not the norm for everyone in the world.

UN Water state that 2.5 billion people do not have improved sanitation & 1 billion go to the toilet in the open.
They campaign & raise awareness for all those who do not have access to a proper toilet.

“Equality & dignity is the theme of World Toilet Day 2014”

UN Water say that having to go to the toilet in the open “infringes on human safety & dignity.”
Not having privacy to go to the toilet leads to many women & girls being at risk of abuse & rape.

Those with special needs or disabilities in poorer countries are not able to use toilets even if they are available due to the facilities not being adapted to their needs.

Imagine how different your life would be if you had to go to the toilet in a hole in the ground. Having the access to a proper private toilet is such a basic need that we don’t even think about it but for some it is a massive problem.

UN Water is campaigning to make us think about it & move people to create change & opportunity for others.


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