Dear Father Christmas…..

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Earlier this year the BBC reported that Haberdashers Monmouth Girls’ School had made an unexpected find in one of their boarding house chimneys.

The chimney itself required clearing so one of the maintenance workers set about sorting it out. As he placed his hand up the chimney he felt a letter on a ledge, he pulled it out to find it was addressed to Father Christmas!

The letter required some restoration before all of it could be made out.
Once it was cleaned the school could see that it read:

“Dear Father Christmas, are you coming to see me again in two weeks’ time I suppose?
Tell Mummy I want a book, Tell England, and an evening dress.
Love, Haly H xxx”

As the book requested was published in 1922 it is reasonable to assume that the letter was written around that time or not long after.
The school have also said that as the boarding house in which it was found has always been used for girls around the ages 10-11 it is also reasonable to assume Haly H was that age too.

The great thing about this story is that the girls at the school have come to reflect on their own requests for Christmas presents. A book & an evening dress wasn’t that extravagant compared to what some of the girls Haly’s age ask for these days!

I wonder if Haly got what she asked for…….?

I hope that whatever you are wishing for this year you have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.



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