You can change the world at any age

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I came across an inspiring article this morning which I would like to share.
It is inspiring for two reasons: 1) because the child is only 8 years old which goes to show that age is quite literally only a number & 2) because her parents gave her the opportunity to become involved & were genuinely interested in her answer.

The heading of this article reads:

“Eight-year-old girl Camilla Lisant suggests possible cure for cancer to her scientist father”

Camilla & her parents were sat at their dining table eating their dinner chatting as we all do.
Her parents, who are both part of a cancer research team at Manchester University, asked her how she would cure cancer.

After thinking for a moment Camilla decided that she would use antibiotics as she has done in the past when she has been ill.

Her parents were skeptical but looked into it at work.

They have noticed that even some cheap antibiotics fight cancer cells & stop them from producing mitochondria which supplies energy to the cell.
A major benefit to using antibiotics is that they do not harm healthy cells.

Camilla’s father believes that, thanks to her suggestion, antibiotics could now be used as a safe & inexpensive treatment for cancer.

“She has heard us talking about cancer a lot & we thought it would be fun to ask her what she thought about cancer therapy.
I thought it was very naive to think you could cure cancer with antibiotics hut at the end of the day Camilla was right.”

– Professor Lisanti, Camilla’s father.

Their research continues & is still to be tested on people to make sure that is is a viable treatment option.



Source: The Independent: Eight year old girl suggests possible cure for cancer


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