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Wimbledon Logo

As the British weather continues to be indecisive about actually allowing us a summer        Wimbledon is about to begin.
As we all know this may very well be what prompts our next down pour but fingers crossed for sunshine!!

My knowledge of tennis is limited but it has always been a sport that has seeped its way into my sub-conscience as my parents would often have it on in the background during the summer. I still find the “thwack” of ball against racket a comforting summer sound.

Wimbledon’s beginnings….

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Murray Walker: Legend

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At the beginning of this week it was reported that legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker has been diagnosed with cancer.

He was holidaying in Germany when he fell and fractured his pelvis. This fall led to a series of blood tests which informed doctors of his cancer.

Murray says:

“They’ve caught it incredibly early. It’s treatable, the doctors say my condition is mild & I’m very hopeful.”

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Employee Spotlight: Adam Tibbals

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I mentioned in my first post that I planned to introduce our Reps in order to help you find your best contact should you wish to get in touch.
We use Reps as we feel (as a company) that it gives a more personal relationship & better
customer service.

Adam Polaroid-Bent

Adam Tibbals has been with Bob Woolmer Sales for (almost) 11 years.
He is the Sales Director & is therefore responsible for all the Reps (lucky him!) as well as the Home Counties area.

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Welcome to Bob Woolmer Sales’ blog.

We are new to the wonderful world of Social Media & I (Katie) have been asked to embark on a journey with Twitter & Facebook as well as starting this blog! (help!!)

As a company we like to engage in a personal relationship with the schools we supply & because of this we employ Area Reps to give our company a friendly face in the big wide world. I plan to introduce our Reps in a future blog to help you (if you are new to our company) find your best contact should you wish to get in touch.

Having embraced Twitter & Facebook quite recently we hope that this will also become an easy way for you (the lovely public) to contact us.

I do, however, digress as I would like to make our first post a delve into our history to give you an idea of our background & where we have come from.
(Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin….)


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