You can change the world at any age

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I came across an inspiring article this morning which I would like to share.
It is inspiring for two reasons: 1) because the child is only 8 years old which goes to show that age is quite literally only a number & 2) because her parents gave her the opportunity to become involved & were genuinely interested in her answer.

The heading of this article reads:

“Eight-year-old girl Camilla Lisant suggests possible cure for cancer to her scientist father”

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Murray Walker: Legend

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At the beginning of this week it was reported that legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker has been diagnosed with cancer.

He was holidaying in Germany when he fell and fractured his pelvis. This fall led to a series of blood tests which informed doctors of his cancer.

Murray says:

“They’ve caught it incredibly early. It’s treatable, the doctors say my condition is mild & I’m very hopeful.”

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