A new way to relax or have fun? – Release your inner child

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I don’t know about you but one of the best things about being a child was going to those indoor soft play centres.
Running around like a mad person is always fun & the climbing platforms, slides, swings & hidy holes just added to the excitement! But my most favourite section was always the ball pit.
I don’t know what it is about ball pits but I know practically every adult I know loved playing in them as a child. (And still would if they could get away with it!)

One of the downsides to growing up is having to leave that ball pit behind, because let’s face it we know how stupid we’d look in a ball pit as an adult in a kid’s play centre.

But do not despair, help is at hand albeit temporarily anyway.

Creative Agency Pearlfisher have created a pop-up adult ball pit in Hammersmith & it is FREE to visit!

The agency have used thousands of white balls to create their pit rather than the traditional multi-coloured balls. This seems to create a less chaotic atmosphere & leaves room for the mind to relax. To be honest how long that lasts I’m not sure as I know my first instinct would be to jump in as far as possible & flail about like giant octopus! (But maybe that’s just me!!)

Location: Pearlfisher Gallery | 50 Brook Green | W6 7BJ |

Open 10:00am – 5:00pm until 13th February

Email jumpin@pearlfisher.com to reserve a place.



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